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Motorcycle Transmission & Final Drive Australia

Your motorcycle is a complex machine that generates a tremendous amount of power. The engine needs to deliver that power to the wheels in a way that keeps you, as the rider, in control. A motorcycle’s transmission has two main purposes: keeping the engine speed in the right range relevant to the bike’s speed and letting it spin free of the wheels when you’ve stopped.

Your motorcycle’s final drive is the final step in transferring power to the bike’s rear wheel. In most motorbikes, this involves a chain, a belt, or a shaft drive system. This motorcycle component carries power from the transmission to the rear wheel while accommodating the suspension and wheels and avoiding putting excess stress on the components.

Both your motorcycle’s final drive and its transmission are responsible in different ways for transferring power to the rear wheel, and both are made up of their own unique parts. If you’re doing DIY work on your motorbike’s transmission or final drive, Taverner Motorsports has all the components you need. Take a look at our online store or drop into our workshop on the north side of Brisbane to find the right one.

Final Drive

There are three main kinds of motorcycle final drives in use today: chains, belts, and shafts. Chains are the most common kind, largely because they’re extremely strong, flexible, and affordable. They also make it easy to switch up a bike’s gear ratio, so racers love them. Belts are very quiet and low-maintenance, but they’re harder to replace if they snap. Driveshafts send power via spinning steel rods. Encased in oil, they’re extremely strong and long-lasting.

Some different categories of components that Taverner can offer include:

Belts, pulleys and inserts

While belts send power to the rear wheel, pulleys are the toothed wheels over which they ride, lined up with the corresponding grooves. Inserts, also known as belt teeth, fit into the grooves of the pulleys to provide a strong grip and prevent slipping.

Shop with Taverner and you’ll find a great selection of both black and chrome pulleys, plus final drive belts and rear pulley covers.

Hardware and spacers

Your final drive requires nuts, bolts, fasteners, and other bits to make it go—no surprises there. Taverner has pulley spacers in glossy black and gleaming chrome alloy to create spacing where it needs it.

Final drive sprockets and chains

A chain-powered final drive requires the right chains and transmission sprockets to work together. Taverner provides a large selection of high-grade bits as well as chain links and clips.


Harley-Davidson riders are in luck as Taverner has transmission parts from every era of Harley-Davidson’s Big Twin engines, from full-on transmission gear kits to internal and external parts. Fresh Harley-Davidson engine designs arrive every 15 years and have taken various forms, from the Shovelhead to the Twin Cam. Whether your motorbike is from 1936, 1986 or brand new, our quality transmission components are made to serve both dual-clutch and auto-transmission motorcycles.

Transmission parts you’ll find in our collection include nuts, bearings, retainer rings, overdrive transmission cassettes, transmission upgrade kits, neutral switches, hydraulic clutch covers, countershaft gears, transmission rebuild kits, and many more parts.

For help finding the right motorcycle transmission or final drive part, get in touch with the Taverner team.