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Motorcycle Suspension Parts Australia

Your motorcycle suspension system maintains traction and keeps your wheels firmly planted on the ground. It’s what allows you to start, stop, accelerate and take corners, and it prevents the bumps on the road from shattering your spine. Today’s motorbikes are more complicated than older models, and made up of more motorcycle suspension parts. Some parts are built for the front motorcycle suspension, some for the rear motorcycle suspension, and some are universal suspension parts.

A motorcycle suspension system uses a spring and damper combination to protect both you and your chassis from road hazards. While standard motorcycle suspension works well in most circumstances, sometimes you need to adjust the suspension to meet your tastes and needs. The right motorcycle suspension parts can make your ride more personal and useful for your situation. Whether that involves adjusting the height of your ride or preloading the spring tension to accommodate a certain weight, helpful motorcycle suspension upgrades can take your enjoyment of your ride to the next level.

From sag and spring rate to preload and compression/rebound damping, there are many factors of a bike’s suspension system to adjust to meet your needs. At Taverner Motorsports, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the right motorcycle suspension parts to work with.  

Front Suspension

To accommodate different motorbike styles and designs, the front and rear suspensions on motorbikes have different designs. The front suspension absorbs the brunt of the impact from bumps, potholes and uneven surfaces. It keeps the front wheel in contact with the road surface and plays a pivotal role during braking. Front suspensions contain damping systems like fork oil and air dampers, which control the suspension’s compression and rebound.

Key elements of the front motorcycle suspension include:

Front shock absorbers/Forks: The forks consist of two tubes housing the spring and damping mechanisms. Taverner has fork parts for sale, including fork seals and springs, as well as shock absorbers themselves. A damper helps you manoeuvre across tough terrain on your bike and also reduces arm fatigue by taking their share of controlling the bike.

Springs: Springs are at the frontline of resistance to compression and support the weight of both the rider and the motorcycle.

Dampers: Dampers control the compression and rebound using air and oil.

Rear Suspension

Like the front, the rear suspension absorbs the impact from bumps on the road. It also plays its part in weight distribution, control of the wheels and damping. Key parts of the rear motorcycle suspension include:

The rear shock absorber: Like the front shock absorber, the rear shock absorber helps cushion the blows from the rough spots on the road.

Swingarm: The swingarm connects the rear wheel to the motorcycle frame, houses the rear suspension components and allows for the rear wheel to move vertically.

Rear suspension parts that Taverner sells include shock bolt covers, shock can cover kits, wiring harnesses, toggle switches, speed-reducing mufflers, manifold assemblies and bushing kits.

Universal Suspension Parts

Some motorcycle suspension parts can be used across multiple motorcycle models and even vehicles of different kinds. These are known as universal suspension parts and have an important role to play in motorcycle suspension upgrades, maintenance and repairs, and customisation.

Some universal motorcycle parts you can pick up here at the Taverner store include shock absorbers, fork seals, standard rate fork spring kits and steering bearing kits made for a range of motorcycles, including Victory and Indian models.  

Whether you’re modifying your suspension in your workshop or taking it to a professional, get your motorcycle suspension parts from Taverner Motorsports.