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Motorcycle Handlebars & Controls Australia

So much of staying in control of your motorbike comes from keeping a good grip on your handlebars. As the centre of steering and stability, motorcycle handlebars let you maintain your balance during the sharpest turns and manoeuvres. Handlebars come in different shapes and sizes to suit your style of riding. They are one of the most commonly customised parts of your bike because they can improve the quality of your ride and help you handle the challenges of the road.

Besides motorcycle handlebars, there are a lot of little parts that go into the control system of a motorcycle: motorcycle handlebar grips, motorcycle handlebar switches, throttles, mirrors and other accessories. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast who loves to get your hands dirty or you’d rather leave the custom creations up to the Taverner Motorsports team, our online shop has plenty of parts for your motorcycle handlebars as well as plenty of other parts for a better, safer ride.

Handlebars & Risers

Motorcycle handlebars are among the most exciting parts of your bike to customise, with designs like apes, mini apes, drag bars and tracker bars being among the most popular. Risers are the parts that lift the handlebars, letting you adjust the height and the angle to suit your own body. While handlebars provide control, risers make for a more comfortable and overall better riding experience. Taverner provides custom handlebars and risers from quality brands like Indian and Harley-Davidson.

Hand Grips & Throttle Grips

Hand grips are the parts on the end of motorcycle handles made from rubber or foam that let you hold on firmly to the handlebars. The throttle grip is manufactured specifically for the throttle. Both parts are essential elements for maintaining both your comfort and control over the motorcycle. Taverner has some of the most comfortable motorcycle handlebar grips and throttles used on powerful motorcycles like Harley-Davidson and Indian Touring bikes.

Handlebar Accessories

Motorcycle handlebar accessories are a broad category that includes a lot of smaller, more intricate parts used when you’re taking a DIY approach. Some of the most common examples include motorcycle handlebar switches, turn signal extensions, USB power sources, speedometers, wiring harnesses and all the technical odds and ends that exist behind the scenes of a motorcycle’s controls.


Mirrors are essential safety features of any motorcycle, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suit your style. Whether you want badass chrome zombie mirrors, sharp and stylish torque mirrors or an old-fashioned round mirror set, Taverner has the right mirrors for the look and feel of your bike. Keeping your eyes on the traffic around you has rarely looked this good.

Hand Control Kits

If you need to make your motorbike a little easier for your specific needs, try our hand control kits. These components, which include pivot pin washers, turn signals and switches, screws etc., let you get really detailed and personal when it comes to adjusting and enhancing the way you ride.

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