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Motorcycle Lighting Australia

As a rider, the last thing you want is to get caught on a dark street with no working motorcycle lights. Although visibility is important, it’s not the only reason for the lights on your bike. While additions like motorcycle riding lights are designed to cast a wider beam of light than the standard front light on a motorcycle, letting you see and be seen better, other lights on your bike support your safety in different ways. Motorcycle tail lights let the motorists behind you know when you’re there and when you’re about to brake. Licence plate lights on a motorcycle provide a clear view of your licence plate in all conditions, and motorcycle signal lights have the all-important job of letting other people know when you’re about to make a turn.

Taverner Motorsports has a range of aftermarket lighting options, including motorcycle riding lights, tail lights, turn signals and accessories like light bar harnesses, mounting brackets, wiring adaptors, LED engine starter kits and other helpful additions. Don’t get left in the dark. Trust the Taverner team with your lighting needs, and stay safe and seen.

Motorcycle Headlights & Tail Lights

While headlights are commonly considered the most important lights on a motorcycle, the other lights are just as vital. However, headlights and tail lights are a particularly powerful combo when it comes to visibility and safety. The front lights on your motorcycle light the road ahead and make you visible to oncoming traffic, while your motorcycle’s tail lights signal that you’re slowing down or stopping.

There are different varieties of front-facing lights for bikes: motorcycle riding lights, halogen headlights, and LED headlights. Motorcycle tail lights are less intense than headlights but no less important to your safety. Both sets of motorcycle riding lights work in close connection with one another to guarantee your safety.

Motorcycle Licence Plate Lights

It’s a legal requirement that your motorcycle’s licence plate stays visible at all times. It’s also important for ID and safety reasons. Investing in a licence plate light for your motorcycle ensures your plate remains legible during night riding or foggy conditions. Taverner’s motorcycle licence plate lights enhance both the appearance and compliance of your licence plate during all kinds of riding conditions and in a way that suits your style as well.

Motorcycle Passing Lamps

When you need some extra illumination, passing lights make you more visible to other road users and help you better spot obstacles on the road. When you mount these lamps on your bike, the front light of your motorcycle gets a helping hand, and your safety gets a boost as well.

But there’s more to the appeal of passing lights than legal and safety concerns. These lights can also be adjusted so you can get better spread and direction from the light, and they can be fun to customise.

Motorcycle Turn Signals

Without motorcycle signal lights, you’re in trouble. Other riders, drivers and pedestrians need to know in advance of your intention to turn. Luckily, Taverner has replacement motorcycle signal lights to meet the needs of every motorbike. While turning signal lights are obviously necessary for safety and visibility, they can also be customised to an extent. You can find aftermarket motorcycle signal lights that suit the style or the theme of your motorcycle as well as check out LED upgrades and integrated turn signal systems. Combined with the right front lights for your motorcycle, motorcycle tail lights and motorcycle licence plate lights, these lights go a long way to making your bike a mean but very safe machine.

Need some help choosing the right lights? Get in touch with the Taverner team for all of your motorcycle lighting concerns and queries.