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Motorcycle Clutch & Primary Drive Parts Australia

The clutch is an important part of your motorcycle that tends to go unnoticed. Long story short, it’s there to engage and disengage your engine and the transmission so that you can change gears. It lets you start, stop and move your bike around. Although this is a simple way of putting what the clutch does, the clutch itself has a bit more going on. As small as they are, the clutch parts on a motorcycle all play important roles. If you’re wondering what they are and where you can find them, Taverner Motorsports is here to help.

A clutch is a device that allows power and motion to transfer between two assemblies: the outer clutch’s basket and the transmission’s input shaft. There are different kinds of clutches: wet clutches are covered in engine oil that cools their plates, keeps them quiet and makes them resilient. While dry clutches are less common, they have less drag and provide more power to the rear wheel.

A motorcycle’s primary drive transfers power from the engine to the transmission, and there are two main types. While a chain drive primary is made from metal or steel, a belt drive primary is made of synthetics or reinforced rubber.

Taverner Motorsports has motorcycle clutch parts, including clutch cables and motorcycle primary drive parts. If you’re a DIY enthusiast who needs to replace your motorcycle’s clutch, Taverner has what you need.

Motorcycle Clutch Parts

A motorcycle clutch consists of different yet complementary parts that all serve a specific purpose, including steel and friction plates, pressure plates, springs, inner hubs, and outer baskets.

Taverner has all the parts you need for a successful clutch replacement on your motorcycle. Our clutch parts include motorcycle clutch cables, springs, hubs, sprocket kits, pressure plates, clutch kits, and any other motorcycle clutch parts you could want. Take a look at our full range of clutch parts for your motorcycle, and you’ll be sure to be satisfied.

Motorcycle Belt Drive Primary

If your motorbike has a synthetic belt drive, Taverner has plenty of motorcycle primary drive parts to choose from. Take a look at our selection, and you’ll find clutch hubs, shoulder bolt sets, engine pulley shim kits, pulley inserts and nuts, primary drive belts, and just about any other components your motorcycle belt drive requires.

Motorcycle Chain Drive Primary

Does your motorbike still rock the old-school primary chain drive approach? You may have to search a little harder for parts for older or less common motorcycles. Yet the best place to start is right here at Taverner, where we sell a selection of parts for chain motorcycle primary drives. Give your bike the very best with components like sprocket kits, clutch spring seats, clutch release lever shafts, primary chain adjusters, clutch pressure plates, steel plates, springs and other useful chain drive parts.

When you need clutch parts or motorcycle primary drive parts, check out the large range we have available at Taverner.