Rear Radial Caliper Mount – Black. Fits Low Rider S 2020up.


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Features & Benefits:-

The Softail Rear Radial Caliper Mount allows you to run a single 108mm radial caliper on the rear of your 2018 and up Softail Lowrider S/ST. The 2020+ Softail Lowrider S/ST fitment has a different mounting position. It has a slightly different offset from other M8 Softails.

* For stock replacement

* 108mm Radial Caliper Bolt Spacing

* 25mm stock diameter axle

* This mount will allow fitment of commonly found 108mm style calipers and will allowstock rotor size or oversize rotors as large as 310mm

* Will not work with ‘Titanium Brake Rotor Hardware Kit’ unless using factory rotor

* Make sure you get a RADIAL CALIPER HARDWARE KIT with your Rear Radial Caliper Mount # KRA-UN-BR-T70-BB for 11.5in. through 11.8in. discs or # KRA-UN-BR-T80-BB for 12.2in. discs

Proudly made in the USA by Kraus Motor Co.!