KR8 Component Kit – Black. Fits Touring 2014up.


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Features & Benefits:-

Have you already purchased a set of Ohlins FF522/523/524/525 inverted forks? Then the KR8 Component Kit was created for you. This kit is a complete high-quality, precision engineered kit that allows Harley-Davidson enthusiasts to convert their FLH/FLT models into a finely tuned, great handling Sport Touring motorcycle. Made in the USA, this kit is designed to bolt up to stock FLH/FLT models, giving you the option to run factory/stock wheels, brake discs, and bodywork,if desired. With the Kraus KR8 Component Kit, you get everything you need to pair with your Ohlins forks to transform your Harley into a high-performance machine.

* Improve the handling and performance of your Harley-Davidson

* Convert your bike into a Sport Touring motorcycle

* Maintain the option to use factory/stock components

* Enhance your riding experience with a complete high-quality, reliable kit.

* NOTE: 108mm Radial Brake Fitment Only.

* For FF523/523/524/525 Ohlins inverted forks only.

* All KRT Front Ends come with a 25mm axle. If your bike has a 1in. axle you will need to convert the wheel bearings to 25mm.

* Requires the purchase of # KRA-ST-STT-54

Proudly made in the USA by Kraus Motor Co.!