5.5in. Isolated Riser Legs – Black.


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Features & Benefits:-

Our Isolated Riser Legs allow you to adjust the height of your risers without buying a whole new Kraus Isolated Riser Kit. Our modular system works to provide you with the ultimate in ergonomics.

When installing on Straight Isolated Risers:

3.5in. Legs = 6in. Risers

5.5in. Legs = 8in. Risers

7.5in. Legs = 10in. Riser

9.5in. Legs = 12in. Risers

When installing on Kickback Isolated Risers:

3.5in. Legs = 8in. Risers

5.5in.Legs = 10in. Riser

7.5in. Legs = 12in. Risers

9.5in. Legs = 14in. Risers

Proudly made in the USA by Kraus Motor Co.!