Vented Dipstick – Polished. Fits Softail 2018up.


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Features & Benefits:-


* Get the Most Out of Your M8.

* Feuling vented billet dipstick screws into the factory oil fill spout as a stock replacement part on M8 Softails.

* This breathing dipstick removes unwanted build-up of blow by, which is found in engines with excessive leakdown through the rings/cylinders which is a common issue with large displacement big bore engines.

* Test results show a decrease in engine sump oil levels.

* The Feuling dipstick vents excessive pressure from the oil tank through a breather system consisting of a filter element and umbrella valve.

Tech Tips:-

During the normal operation of the engine crankcase pressure works thru a cycle of Pressure as the pistons travel down the cylinder & vacuum as the pistons move up the cylinder this is what is commonly referred to as in.Engine Breathingin.. When the Engine has to work against the pressure & vacuum it utilises some of the power the engine produces, this is why it is important to regulate the breathing using the Feuling Vented Dip Stick. As the Engine Breathes & the air in the engine Interacts with the hot oil, tiny oil droplets mix with the air, creating an

oil mist which ends up in your air cleaner or in your external breather system.The larger the Engine capacity & the faster you go the heavier the breathing & the more oil mist.

*** An optional vent hose & filter is supplied to control oil mist when required.