Pro Chamber Right Side Tuck & Under Headers – Black. Fits Touring 2017up.


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Exhaust head pipes must evolve along with the top end of the motorcycle’s engine if they are to be efficient, make power and emit less heat than a stock system.

And that’s what our Milwaukee Eight H-D Baggers head pipes do. For the 2017up Milwaukee Eight, we modified our famous Cobra PowerPort by enlarging it to become a pulse chamber that accelerates exhaust scavenging to produce the kind of power riders expect. Even its cherry bomb shape, bulging from between the heat shields gives a clue to the real power potential it offers. On top of that, this dual bung version includes 18mm bungs up near the heads, allowing the use of wideband oxygen sensors.

Tech Tips:-

* Accepts OEM 12mm O2 Exhaust Sensors & has provisions for 18mm O2’s as well

* Header Systems Accepts Most 2017up Style FLH Mufflers.

* Mufflers are Sold Separately.


* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

Proudly Made in the USA by Cobra !