Oil Cooler Adaptor with By-pass. Fits most Twin Cam 1999-2017.


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The Jagg #4702 Offset Oil Filter Adapter with Viscosity-Regulated By-pass installs between the engine and oil filter for quick and easy installation of a Jagg oil cooler. The #4702 directs oil through the filter first for optimal flow characteristics.

After filtration, the oil will by-pass the oil cooler automatically while the engine warms up to standard operating temperature. Once the bike reaches operating temperature, the Viscosity Regulated Flow (VRF) valve will automatically close the #4702’s by-pass hole, sending hot, filtered oil to the oil cooler, and delivering cool, clean oil to the engine.

Oil flow direction from adapter: oil feeds the oil cooler from the fitting on the left side and returns to the fitting on the right side, as viewed from front with oil filter adapter fittings at bottom.

Fitment information

The #4702 Offset Oil Filter Adapter was designed especially to fit H-D Twin-Cam motors. Also fits fuel-injected Big Twin EVOs. The #4702 replaces the #4700 and #4600 oil filter adapters.