OE+ Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Plate Upgrade Kit. Fits Twin Cam 1999-2006.


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Features & Benefits:-

* Upgrades early 1999-2006 style mechanical cam chain drive tensioner systems to the late 2007-2016 hydraulic cam chain drive tensioner system.

* Includes a Feuling OE+ billet oil pump and camplate, billet hydraulic tensioners, cam chains, sprockets, sprocket alignment spacers, bearings, needed gaskets, O-rings, ARP® cam, crank & tensioner hardware, Loctite and moly lube.

* Includes a Rocker box gasket kit so the factory one piece pushrods can be reused.

* Similar to Screamin Eagle Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Plate Upgrade Kit # 25284-11

Tech Tips:-

* 1999-E2000 will require a DTT-1008 Ignition module – eliminates the Cam position Sensor used on the 1999-E00 tapered/keyed Camshafts