Method Clear Air Cleaner Kit – Chrome. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up


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Features & Benefits:-

* Forged billet aluminum air cleaner featuring a polycarbonate window

allowing you to view the internal working of your air intake system

* Forged billet aluminum backing plate with our patented internal hidden

breather backing plate technology eliminating the need for external

hoses or hardware for a virtually closed loop system

* Polycarbonite window is coated with proprietary lms that prevents oil

adhesion, yellowing, or marringfrom engine oil or UV exposure. This

maintains window clarity for a clear view of your engine’s internals

* Radius air inlet provides unobstructed air ow into engine

* High performance fi lter is constructed from black pre-oiled cotton for

optimum flow and filltration.

Tech Tips:-

* Filter is washable & re-usable, recharge kits available separately.

* Replacement Filter Element = AN-18-090

* Rain Sock = AN-18-062