Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key. Fits H-D 2001up with Delphi EFI.


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* Extensive, professional, and easy to use flash tuning capabilities

* For use with the TechnoResearch VCM-TR3 communication module (included in Centurion Pro and Dealer VCM Pack)

* Auto mapping feature greatly reduces tuning time – instead of making cell-by-cell adjustments

* Modify fuel and spark tables (front and rear cylinders), air fuel ratio, warm up fuel, cranking fuel, closed loop, acceleration and deceleration, rev limiter and knock control

* Fuel, spark and AFRreal time cell tracing

* Simultaneous modification of both front and rear cylinder fuel and spark tables

* View data using strip chart or digital dashboard

* Data logging and data analysis features

* Wideband o2 sensor controller interfacing

* Motorcycles VIN # is assigned to the one USB key but can be used on that motorcycle multiple times (Red Tune Key)

* Made in the USA


This product must ONLY be used in such a way as to ensure the vehicle remains compliant with the relevant emission control requirements.

Responsibility rests with the Installer to ensure appropriate test equipment is used to validate the above.