ARP Hi-Strength Rocker Stud & Nut Kit. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up.


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Features & Benefits:-

* The use of higher lift camshafts and heavier valve springs puts additional stress on the cylinder head making the use of the Fueling stud kit a must.

* Helps prevent M8 Cylinder Head Cracking

* Relieves stress on the M8 cylinder heads.

* The factory and SE cylinder heads have an extremely weak link with the rocker arm shaft standoffs. By using a stud some of the stress is transferred from the standoff casting into the stud.

Tech Tips:-

1. Double nut the stud with qty. 2-5/16×24 nuts, loctite the stud course threads and install into the cylinder head

2. Torque studs to 48-60 in-lbs (4-5 Ft. Lbs)

3. FEULING recommends filling the rockers with oil using a oil squirt can, fill from the pushrod seat until oil squirts out the exit oil holes.

4. Install rocker arms/shafts, Loctite the fine threads

NOTE: It is important to seat the rocker arm shafts by evenly tightening the nuts to estimated 10 Ft. Lbs. thenloosening to allow the shafts to settle in, then re-tighten evenly and step the torque 5/10/15/20 Ft. Lbs. then to a final 24 – 26 Ft. Lbs