6in. Pullback Performance Risers for 1-1/4in. Bars – Black.


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These geometrically shaped risers not only look like a stealth fighter but they offer the same aggressive agility and styling. This set up gets away from the traditional round riser posts we are used too. These risers have more material giving a larger footprint to the triple tree. With more material comes more structural integrity and less cross torsion flex. This product may sound heavy but no worries, these beautiful risers are CNC machined from from billet aluminum, so they are very strong but very light. Beefy ARP style 12-point hardware crowns the machined one piece top clamp.

* Perfect match for our 1-1/4in. Valley handlebars LA-7332-00B

* M8 Street Bob, Breakout, Low Rider ST and Standard require gauge relocator LA-7397-00B