6 Speed Overdrive Transmission Cassette. Fits Softail 2000-2006, Dyna 2001-2005 & Touring 2001-2006


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Jims 6-speed overdrive transmission super kits:

Reduce vibration that creates wear, and enjoy a relaxing cruise with Jims overdrive 6-speed transmission super kits. Jims’ overdrive 6th gear (0.86:1 ratio) lowers engine RPM by almost 475 at 75 mph. In addition, 1st gear is a 2.94:1 close ratio that widens your bike’s speed range in 1st gear and lessens the rpm drop when shifting into second. You can enjoy having a gear for every situation, from putting in traffic to open road cruising. Combined with the convenience of well-spaced gearing is the renowned strength and reliability of Jims race-proven, American-made gears and shafts.

All gears are standard width for performance and strength, with first gear being close ratio 2.94, and the last four being the same ratio as a stock 5-speed. 6th gear goes to 0.86:1 overdrive. These kits are ready to slip into your transmission case without removing it from your motorcycle. Detailed instructions and a Jims gasket set are included.

Tech Tips:-

* All JIMS Super Kits require a # JM-8042K Speedo Sensor Block-Off Plate Kit. If the speedometer is not driven from the transmission, then two block off plates kits are required.

* All JIMS 6-speed installations require the speedometer be recalibrated. For calibration kits use Dakota Part # DAK-SIM-1

* The JIMS Trap Door extends 3/8in. farther to the right than the stock part. Alterations to some parts that attach to or around the trap door may berequired.

* JIMS Spout Spacer # JM-8088 or SS56-1292 will be required on FL’s and spout may need modification. OR require the LH trapdoor ear to be machined off so the oil filler spout can bolt back on.