Tear Sucker Clear Air Cleaner Kit – Red. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up


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Features & Benefits:-

* The Clear Tear air cleaner series brings the timeless teardrop shape to a new level

* Smooth flowing cage design is forged and CNC machined

* Specially formed radius shaped polycarbonate top is coated for long term durability

* Radius polycarbonate window can be installed in both the front or back facing direction allowing the rider to choose their preferred look

* Patented hidden breather backing plate technology Breather design is o-ringedat the heads, passes through the backing plate and exits inside the mouth of the throttle body through proprietary shooter tubes

* Integrated patented oil-catch to ensure no oil reaches the air filter and restricts air flow

* Performance air filter is made from black pre-oiled cotton and is washable

Proudly Made by Arlen Ness !